Stakeholders Driving Payment Evolution and Digital Identity

About Us

ACT Canada is the payment and digital identity stakeholder association that brings together issuers, merchants, acquirers, payment networks, regulators and the industry who support them with products and services. By providing a neutral forum, ACT Canada helps members from around the world protect their interests, advance their causes, build their business and grow the market by providing insights, networking and visibility. ACT Canada helps members understand complex issues, facilitate problem resolutions and filter the truth from market noise. Members benefit because stakeholder dialogue drives profitable decisions.

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Our Mission

  • Continue to be the pre-eminent, internationally-recognized authority in the market, respected for our contributions to member initiatives
  • Manage our international and domestic resource networks to monitor issues and analyze opportunities in our evolving market
  • Help members increase revenues, decrease costs and reduce risks by creating knowledge, sharing insights and connecting people
  • Champion strategic leadership teams in the introduction of market-changing activities to grow the market, adapt to change and resolve issues
  • Grow and retain membership by providing practical, relevant and ever-evolving services for our members
  • Manage finances responsibly to ensure the long-term viability of our association and maximize value for our members.

Our Vision

ACT Canada will continue to be recognized domestically and internationally as the trusted, objective, world-class knowledge resource and catalyst for change, working on behalf of members from all facets of the ecosystem to help them leverage opportunities, confront challenges and advance their business in a rapidly changing marketplace.

Our Value

  • Recognized as a neutral and credible voice, successfully advocating on behalf of our members
  • Acknowledged worldwide as the key ambassador for new payment and secure identification technologies in Canada
  • Known for providing vital, accurate and timely information to suppliers, users, regulators and other stakeholders
  • Accepted as the key purveyor of a broad-based network and deep knowledge of the Canadian and international market, built over a 27 year history
  • Trusted to forecast trends, manage issues and provide historical context, perspective and insights for the benefit of all members
  • Renowned as the champion for secure identity and authentication initiatives in the move to prevent fraud.

Our Members

Our base consists of leaders, decision-makers and active participants from all sectors of the secure payments, authentication and identity management business. Sectors represented include financial, government, retail, suppliers, integrators, consultants, transit and transportation, insurance, transaction processors and legal.


An international non-profit association federally incorporated in 1989.


We are funded by membership fees, event revenues, partners and sponsors programs and consulting revenues.


We are governed by a member-elected Board of Directors, comprised of thought leaders from the user and supplier communities:

  • Co-Chair
    Suzan Denoncourt
    Ingenico Canada Ltd.
    Managing Director
  • Co-Chair
    Carol Maietta
    Central 1 Credit Union
  • Vice Chair
    Craig Reiff
    Vice President, Consumer Products
  • Treasurer & Past Chair
    Owen Gingras
    Walmart Canada Corp.
    Senior Director of Operations and Technology
  • Corporate Secretary
    Todd Roberts
    Senior Vice President, Enterprise Innovation
  • CEO (retired)
    Catherine Johnston
    ACT Canada
    CEO (retired)
  • Chief Marketing Officer
    Christian Ali
    Dream Payments
    Chief Marketing Officer
  • Executive Director, Canada
    Kamuran Altinbilek
    Cardtek USA
    Executive Director, Canada
  • Senior Vice President and Group Head
    Jeremy Bornstein
    MasterCard Canada
    Senior Vice President and Group Head
  • Canadian Product Lead
    Joanne Borsella
    Canadian Product Lead
  • Director Development and Standardization
    Pawel Chrobok
    Director Development and Standardization
  • Head of Mobile Innovation
    Derek Colfer
    Visa Canada
    Head of Mobile Innovation
  • Principal
    Nino Di Teodoro
    Di Teodoro Consulting
  • Head, Innovation & Partnerships
    Jeff Ecker
    TD Merchant Solutions
    Head, Innovation & Partnerships
  • President
    John Flett
    CanCard Inc.
  • Vice President Payment Solutions
    Doug Hatton
    Vice President Payment Solutions
  • VP N.A Business Development
    Robert Hayhow
    Equinox Payments
    VP N.A Business Development
  • VP Sales for Secure Transactions
    Brian Hirman
    VP Sales for Secure Transactions
  • Consultant
    Deepa Kuo
    DeepWorks Consulting Inc.
  • Head of Acceptance
    Gary Locke
    Interac Association/Acxsys Corporation
    Head of Acceptance
  • Partner, Financial Services Leader, Ontario Advisory
    Doug Macdonald
    Partner, Financial Services Leader, Ontario Advisory
  • Managing Director
    Susan MacKeown
    White Page Consulting Inc.
    Managing Director
  • Canadian Payments Lead
    Jonathan Magder
    Accenture Strategy
    Canadian Payments Lead
  • Customer Relations Director
    Wendy Maisey
    ICC Solutions Ltd.
    Customer Relations Director
  • President
    Andrea McMullen
    ACT Canada
  • President & Managing Director
    Willis Morettin
    Giesecke & Devrient
    President & Managing Director
  • Chief Operating Officer
    Syndi Pak
    advertience Inc.
    Chief Operating Officer
  • Senior Manager, Credit Card Operations
    Raymond St. Aubin
    Tangerine Bank
    Senior Manager, Credit Card Operations
  • Head of Canada, Acceptance
    Fausto Rossi
    Discover Financial Services
    Head of Canada, Acceptance
  • Corporate Counsel
    Martin H. Campbell
    Mills & Mills