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May 2013 ACTion Newsletter


  1. Editorial - Payment Innovation
  2. RBC And Bell Bring Another Mobile Payment Scheme To Canada
  3. Canadian Sure Tap Adds Android Version Of Its Mobile Payment App
  4. Southwest Airlines, Chili's Grill & Bar And Others Join MCX
  5. 3M, Gemalto, Morpho (Safran) And Oberthur Technologies Create The Secure Identity Alliance'
  6. Discover Helps PayPal Reach 2 Million Merchant Outlets By End Of 2013
  7. Moneris Solutions Partners With Securebuy, Leading Provider Of Innovative E-Commerce Anti-Fraud Solutions
  8. Giesecke & Devrient Offers Tap-Proof Smartphone For Governments And Public Authorities
  9. Google Issues Flurry Of Wallet News, But No Version 2.0 So Far
  10. Orange Selects Gemalto To Secure eGovernment Services In Moldova With Valimo Mobile ID
  11. Visa Adds New Capabilities To Its Innovative Offers Platform
  12. Leading Credit Card Processor Bluepay Partners With Payfirma To Offer Tablet Payment Solutions
  13. Infineon Ships Security Chips To Taiwan's Electronic Passport Program
  14. Square Reveals "Square Cash" Email-Based Money Transfer Service
  15. UL Achieves Re-Qualification For Collis Compliance Test Suites For GlobalPlatform
  16. Ingenico Supplies 3,500 E-Health Card Terminals To The Largest Health Insurance Company In Germany
  17. Deposit Anywhere Quickly Exceeds Initial Targets
  18. Oberthur Technologies' Dragonfly NFC SIM Card Certified By MasterCard And Visa
  19. EMVCo Welcomes China UnionPay As Its Latest Member
  20. VeriFone And Xpient Integrate POS Solutions For Restaurants
  21. Gemalto Supplies MTS Russia With Upteq NFC SIM For Mobile Transport Services
  22. Wal-Mart To Send Automated Shopping Lists To Its Mobile App
  23. Lightspeed Partners Merchant Warehouse, Moneris And More For iPad Payments
  24. UL Accredited By EMVCo To Perform Contactless Mobile Payment (CMP) Product Type Approval Testing

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Source: Catherine Johnston, President & CEO, ACT Canada (05/29)

The nominations are in, the votes have been cast and the winners are...

Well, you'll know that on June 20th at the Cardware awards lunch, sponsored by Visa. This year attendees will also cast ballots for the People's Choice award and we will announce all the winners in the next ACTion e-news. But while we are on the subject of innovation, our market is now in an interesting space.

Technology innovation is making it possible for everyone to offer mobile commerce. The question that remains to be answered is, "who will succeed in growing market share or increasing profits"? That has very little to do with technology. I have spent most of my career falling in love with new technologies, not because they were cool (although some of them really rocked), but because of what they could do for people. Whether that factor is important to you, or whether you are motivated by the business you can grow because of it, one thing is certain – people make technology successful. Boomers will contribute to the success of m-commerce, not because they are early adopters, but because they are willing and able to pay for convenience. What else will motivate them? What concerns them? We wanted to know, so we commissioned a study that will take place over the next week. We will release the results at Cardware – but it is not just boomers that we want to hear from. We are also asking our colleagues in the financial sector to tell us how they think boomers will answer. We're hoping for a match, but we'll know on June 19th. We'll even have a boomer panel.

I hope you will join us in Niagara. This is the one time of year when all the payment stakeholders gather to talk about payment innovation. It is where the industry has tackled serious issues and where they have fostered new opportunities. This is where the future is shaped and refined by the stakeholders who have the most to gain.

Join us at Cardware 2013, Payment Insights

Source: MobilePaymentsToday (05/09)

The Great White North is getting another mobile payment scheme, a partnership between the country's largest bank and its largest carrier. RBC and Bell announced they will be launching an NFC-based mobile payment product later this year for RBC mobile banking customers who carry Bell Mobility smartphones.

"RBC is excited to team up with Bell to provide our mutual clients with an integrated mobile solution for debit and credit payments," said Dave McKay, group head of personal and commercial banking at RBC Royal Bank. "This is the first piece of a broad RBC mobile commerce solution rolling out to clients this year, all delivering the great, robust user experience and the security that RBC is known for."

RBC said the solution will be part of its existing mobile banking app and will simply appear as an option on the customer's home screen. Along with merchant payments, the new product will also feature peer-to-peer payments for sending and receiving funds to any person or business in Canada, the partners said.

Eligible phones will include the BlackBerry Z10, Q10, Bold 9900, Bold 9790 or Curve 9360, and NFC-enabled phones from Samsung, Sony, HTC and LG.

"Canada's largest banking institution and Canada's largest communications company are working closely together to ensure reliability, security and ease of use in mobile commerce," said Wade Oosterman, president of mobility and residential services, and chief brand officer at Bell. "With RBC and Bell, mobile commerce just got better."

The new mobile product will use NFC SIM cards installed in phones in order to secure and store payment data from RBC credit and debit accounts. Bell said it will eventually make NFC SIM cards available for all NFC-capable devices.

Source: MobilePaymentsToday (05/06)

When launched last year, the Sure Tap mobile payment app from Rogers Communications and CIBC was Canada's first step toward NFC-enabled mobile payments. Unfortunately, only Rogers subscribers who used Blackberry devices could access Sure Tap. So it was a small step at best.

But now CIBC has released an Android version of the app, bringing Samsung Galaxy S3 users into the fold. CIBC cardholders with a Rogers data plan can link their account and use their smartphone to make purchases at any contactless-enabled point of sale terminal. Eligible CIBC cards include a number of both MasterCard and Visa branded credit cards.

The Android app includes the same features as the Blackberry version. Users can tap their smartphones to pay for purchases up to $50 at retail stores in Canada and abroad. Credit card information is securely stored on the phone's NFC SIM card and cardholders are protected against any unauthorized transaction.

Additionally, Sure Tap users can track their purchases and check their balances through their mobile app.

The Android version of Sure Tap can be downloaded at Google Play. Cardholders who activate the app by June 30, 2013, receive a $15 credit in their account.

CIBC and Rogers are members of ACT Canada; please visit www.cibc.com & www.rogers.com.

Source: MCX (05/09)

Merchant Customer Exchange (MCX) announced that Southwest Airlines, Brinker International, Inc. (parent company of Chili's Grill & Bar and Maggiano's Little Italy), Pacific Convenience & Fuels LLC and RaceTrac are some of the latest merchants to join its effort to provide a widely accepted, customer-focused and secure mobile-commerce solution. These members join other recently added companies including DICK'S Sporting Goods, Hobby Lobby Stores, Inc., Meijer, QuikTrip and Wawa which were announced as part of MCX in January.

MCX's 30-plus merchants have unparalleled consumer relationships, including more than 700 million payment and other customer accounts. They employ 4 million people across nearly 80,000 stores, and represent more than $1 trillion in annual sales. MCX merchants include five of the top 10, and 20 of the top 90 merchants by revenue on the National Retail Federation's Top 100 list.

Initially, MCX's mobile wallet will be primarily barcode- and cloud-based, offering consumers a personalized payment experience integrated with participating merchant offers, promotions, loyalty and location-based services.

"Southwest supports efforts to bring a competitive mobile-payments network to the market that also protects consumer and merchant data," said Chris Monroe, Treasurer, Southwest Airlines. "We're proud to join the growing list of outstanding merchants backing MCX."

MCX is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.mcx.com.

What are the implications of MCX on the Canadian market? Join us at June 19th-20th at Cardware as MCX presents in the Merchant Breakout session.

Source: Gemalto (05/13)

Leading secure eDocuments companies 3M, Gemalto, Morpho (a division of Safran) and Oberthur Technologies announced the formation of the Secure Identity Alliance, a grouping dedicated to developing the usage of government-issued eDocuments (identity, health cards, driving licenses and ePassports in particular) for increased security, and to encourage deployment of secure convenient online services strengthening the privacy of the end-users.

The Secure Identity Alliance's major objectives are to accelerate the transition to smart eDocuments and enable an open, interoperable and efficient roll-out of trusted eGovernment online services by:
• Describing and promoting use cases of convenient value-added eGovernment services,
• Sharing experiences and best practices between industry and governments modernizing their services, in particular towards ensuring the privacy of the end-users' personal information,
• Promoting standardization of relevant and appropriate industry specifications,
• Making recommendations on the most up-to-date means to properly address the governments identity and privacy challenges, including eDocument hardware, software and secure printing technologies, materials and physical security expertise, in order to deliver the level of confidence and assurance needed for the rapid adoption of eServices that can be trusted by citizens,
• Providing consistent reference information on security, identity and privacy challenges in a transparent manner.

Secure Identity Alliance positions itself as a trusted partner for governmental agencies and public entities defining their eDocument approach and implementing associated eGovernment services. Aiming at establishing interoperable systems, and defining and promoting best practices that can be adopted across the world, the Alliance members will be involved in focused workgroups.

Benefits for Governments:

"The Secure Identity Alliance will help us better serve Government entities," says Gareth Thomas, International Business Development Manager, 3M Identity Management. "Together, we will highlight the advantages and encourage the adoption of microprocessor-based eDocuments, and develop added-value online applications that meet citizens' needs today and tomorrow."

Convenience, Privacy and Security:

Frederic Trojani, Senior Vice President of Government Programs at Gemalto, underlines what is at stake: "Electronic identification has become a real catalyst for the rapid adoption of online service. Convenience, privacy protection and security are the three pillars of trust in modern, efficient electronic government services. When properly deployed, these powerful drivers lead to rapid citizen adoption, transforming the agencies' services along the citizens' expectations and providing for measurable effectiveness gains. The Secure Identity Alliance shall be the reference partner for governments looking to offer cutting-edge technology in e-documents and e-services to their citizens".


Jacques Van Zijp, Senior Vice President Business Identity Documents at Morpho (Safran), emphasizes that broad industry coverage through the Alliance's membership base is crucial for success. "Of course, the association is open to additional members from the eDocument industry willing to contribute to the success and roll out of secure eDocuments and associated online services."


Olivier Prestel, Managing Director of the Identity Business Unit at Oberthur Technologies, commenting on the competitive situation among the members, says: "The different companies will support overall industry growth while continuing to compete, to ensure the highest quality and diversity of solutions with differentiated products and services for the benefit of Governments and their citizens."

For more information, visit the Secure Identity Alliance Website: www.secureidentityalliance.org.

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2013 sponsor. Oberthur Technologies is a member of ACT Canada and an Exchange Place expert. Please visit www.gemalto.com & www.oberthur.com.

Source: ICMA Industry News (05/10)

Discover announced it has signed contracts with 50 merchant acquirers that will extend PayPal's in-store acceptance to more than two million merchant outlets by the end of 2013.

The milestone comes eight months after PayPal announced its intent to create an innovative payment option that leverages Discover's payments infrastructure to provide PayPal's 55+ million active domestic account holders access to millions of retail stores, restaurants, gas pumps and more.

"With the signing of 50 merchant acquirers to date, we are well on our way toward helping PayPal reach its goals of acceptance at millions of physical locations in the United States," said Diane Offereins, president of payment services at Discover. "Our relationship represents the unique abilities we have to leverage our payments assets and infrastructure to work with emerging payments leaders like PayPal, and we're proud of the progress we've made in such a short time."

"With Discover's help we are poised to grow from the 250,000 retailers who accept PayPal in store today to more than two million by the end of 2013," said Don Kingsborough, vice president of retail services at PayPal. "As consumers continue to use technology to shop in new and exciting ways, we will continue to collaborate with Discover's acquirer partners to support the growing needs of their merchants."

"We are proud to have given our business owners the opportunity to be the first merchants nationwide to let consumers use PayPal in stores," said Tony Catalfano, president and CEO of WorldPay United States. "With the expanded acceptance options, our merchants are able to offer more payment choices for their customers, create better opportunities for engaging customers, help increase sales and solve problems to make their customers' experience better."

Discover is a member of ACT Canada and an Exchange Place expert and a Cardware 2013 sponsor; please visit www.discover.com.

Source: Moneris (05/23)

Moneris Solutions, one of North America's largest payment processors, announced today that it has formed a strategic business partnership with SecureBuy, a leading provider of advanced, innovative anti-fraud solutions for e-commerce merchants.

Moneris has integrated its proprietary eSELECTplus payments gateway into SecureBuy's popular Community and Enterprise anti-fraud solutions, adding full payment processing functionality to both. These new products allow e-commerce merchants of any type or size in both the US and Canada to use a single turn-key solution for the entire payment process, from cardholder verification through funds settlement. Using a single end-to-end solution eliminates the need to source, integrate and maintain multiple solutions from multiple vendors, saving merchants time and money, while streamlining their technology and operations. Additionally, both new integrated solutions are cloud-based, eliminating the need to purchase, install, host and maintain software. These two solutions are available through both SecureBuy (www.securebuycommerce.com) and the Magento Connect Marketplace (www.magentocommerce.com/magento-connect/).

"We are very excited to partner with a fraud prevention innovator like SecureBuy", said Chris Lee, President, Strategic Partners and Emerging Markets for Moneris Solutions. "Now, instead of working with multiple vendors, every e-commerce merchant can use a single, turn-key solution to manage their entire payments process, saving valuable time and money."

"Moneris Solutions is the ideal payment processing partner for SecureBuy", said Greg Wooten, Chief Executive Officer of SecureBuy. "Moneris has the most advanced payment processing technology, extensive experience with integrated solutions, is a strong presence in both the US and Canada and they understand the e-commerce market and its specialized needs very well. E-commerce merchants of every size and type will benefit from this relationship and our integrated solutions."

Moneris is a member of ACT Canada and their subsidiary MSC is a Cardware 2013 exchange place expert; please visit www.moneris.com & www.msposcorp.com.

Source: Giesecke & Devrient (05/15)

The new HIGHSEC phone from the Munich-based technology group and security specialist Giesecke & Devrient (G&D) enables end-to-end encryption of voice data transmitted between HIGHSEC phones and prevents unauthorized third parties from listening in on calls. Even text messages can be transmitted in secure mode. The smartphone runs a particularly secure version of the Android operating system that meets the stringent security requirements of governments and other official agencies. The mobile device was selected from among the more recent types of smartphone available on the commercial market. The smartphone model currently offered by G&D for use in high-security communication applications is among others the Samsung Galaxy S3.

"Our HIGHSEC phone solution offers the highest degree of mobile security. The incorporated G&D technology guarantees users that they can make phone calls and send text messages in the strictest confidence. And the smartphone's security features are simple and convenient to use," says Hans Wolfgang Kunz, Head of the Government Solutions business unit at Giesecke & Devrient.
What makes this solution so easy to use is that it is based on a standard smartphone with a "normal" subscriber number that can be reached through any mobile network. The secure telephony and text messaging functions are activated by means of a separate HIGHSEC phone app.

When this app is launched, it asks the user to enter a PIN to access the secure microSD card integrated in the phone. This card contains the keys needed for subscriber authentication and the encryption/decryption algorithms for communication. The microSD card is a smartcard certified to Common Criteria EAL 5+, which runs G&D's Smart Cafe Expert 5.0 operating system, certified to Common Criteria EAL 4+.

Users can set up a call to another HIGHSEC phone owner by selecting a contact in the separate, secure phone directory. Secure voice calls are only permitted between members of a predefined user group, which generally means within one government department or ministry.

The tap-proof calls are not routed via the conventional voice network. Instead, they are packet-switched over the Internet using a high-security data channel (encrypted voice-over-IP connection). The HIGHSEC phone supports the WLAN protocol and current mobile network technologies such as HSDPA, UMTS, and EDGE.

The first step in the call setup procedure is the reciprocal authentication of the two parties. The authentication process takes place in a dedicated HIGHSEC phone server for the government agency or public authority in question. Once the caller and the called party have been authenticated, an end-to-end encrypted data channel linking the two HIGHSEC phones is set up. In this user-friendly solution, a background process automatically executes all encryption functions. To prevent the mobile device from being manipulated by malware (e.g. Trojans), additional apps can only be downloaded via the customer's administration center.

The HIGHSEC phone solution is available to government-sector customers immediately.

Giesecke & Devrient is a member of ACT Canada, an Exchange Place expert and a Cardware 2013 sponsor; please visit www.gi-de.com.

Source: Digital Transactions (05/16)

Google Inc. released a trio of announcements concerning its Google Wallet mobile-payments application, but even taken together these did not add up to the major overhaul of the product that Google promised last fall.

Google's news included: a Wallet-based person-to-person payments service that works with Gmail, Google's e-mail application; a new application programming interface (API) that works with Android apps and allows online sellers of physical goods to take a payment from Wallet users in as few as two clicks; and an API that lets Wallet users more easily sign up for companies' loyalty programs, store the loyalty apps in the Wallet, and then send information to those sponsors. This last API also enables users to store other so-called objects in their Wallet, including, for example, boarding passes.

Perhaps the most significant of the announcements, which came on the first day of the Google I/O developers' conference in San Francisco, is the so-called Instant Buy API for Android apps. Designed for sellers of physical goods that already work with a payment processor, the API lets consumers checking out within Android apps to complete a purchase without entering cumbersome data such as an address for both billing and shipping. The API sends the Wallet user's information to the seller with the user's permission.

There are no fees for the service to the seller, Google says, since the search giant isn't processing payments. Google adds that the API is aimed at reducing cart abandonment rates, which have risen as high as 97% on mobile devices, according to data cited by Google. The new API builds on Google Wallet API, which Google launched in October to allow payments to work faster on mobile sites.

Eleven sellers have already integrated Instant Buy. Some of these include: Airbnb, an online hospitality booking agent; Expedia; Priceline; Tabbedout, a mobile-payment system for restaurants; and Uber, a provider of car rides as an alternative to taxis.

For P2P payments, Google announced it has integrated Google Wallet with its Gmail e-mail service. Wallet users can send money to anyone, whether or not they are Gmail users, from their Gmail account by tapping their Wallet.

Transactions are free to the sender if funded with a Wallet balance or from a linked bank account. Payments funded with a card stored in the Wallet cost 2.9%. Settlement to the recipient is immediate from a Wallet balance and processed within minutes from a card account, while payments from a bank account can take up to 10 business days, Google says. Transactions are limited to $10,000, with a $50,000 cap over a five-day period.

To use the feature, the sender hovers over the "paper clip" icon within Gmail, clicks on a dollar-sign icon, specifies an amount, and clicks on "send." Google says it is rolling out the new service "over the coming months" to all Gmail users over 18 years of age. It is designed to work only on desktop machines, but laptop and mobile users can access it at wallet.google.com.

With "Wallet Objects API," companies can install their loyalty apps on users' Wallets, and users can get alerts about rewards programs they have saved based on Google's location services. Though Google announced some nine companies that have integrated the API, including, for example, Alaska Airlines and Marriott Rewards, the new service may not yet be quite ready. "We plan to launch these loyalty programs, offers, and more to consumers as soon as we can," Google says in a blog post.

Despite the flurry of announcements, Google had nothing to say about Google Wallet at the point of sale, either with or without near-field communication (NFC), the contactless technology it embraced in 2011 when it launched the product and then began moving away from last year. Nor did the new APIs address the questions that have swirled around the product ever since a senior Wallet executive promised a completely new version of the product at a trade show in October. That overhaul has yet to appear, and the executive, Osama Bedier, has left Google.

Google stoked yet more speculation last week when news emerged that it had abandoned plans for a physical card it was reportedly working on to allow users to access Google Wallet at the point of sale.

But Google may yet have more Wallet news, as the I/O conference doesn't end until Friday. And observers say the news released on Wednesday could significantly advance Google's overarching strategy, which is to use Wallet to gain more control over the flow of purchase data, especially in stores.

"In the aggregate, [the new services] show the direction they're going in," says Nick Holland, an analyst who follows mobile payments at Javelin Strategy & Research, Pleasanton, Calif. "None is particularly radical in its own right, but combined they show an incremental push of [Google's] platform into being more retail oriented. That ultimately is what Google is about. The endgame is more information about the consumer."


Need to keep on top of the latest wallet developments? Join us at June 19th-20th at Cardware as we look at the Business of Wallets – In it to Win it? The Business Implications for Issuers, Merchants and other stakeholders

Source: Gemalto (05/16)

Gemalto is providing Orange with an end-to-end solution that will offer their subscribers seamless access to a new generation of eGovernment services in Moldova. Gemalto's solution operates with an embedded software in the handset's UICC, connected to a comprehensive authentication service platform, Mobile ID from Valimo, an open software and service platform provider, leader in government-grade mobile ID services. This solution transforms any type of mobile phones into devices capable of delivering strong user authentication and legally binding signatures, essential features to securing eGovernment services. At Mobile World Congress 2013, the Moldovan government received the m-Government Global Mobile Award from the GSMA for this nationwide project.

The Mobile ID program in Moldova is a government-led project that is being deployed in partnership with mobile network operators. It is designed to offer citizens the speed, privacy, convenience and transparency of digital access to numerous government services and information for citizens, including online applications and copies of official documents. The Gemalto UICC-based solution is compatible with all types of mobile telephones, whether feature phones or smart phones. The application allows citizens to confirm their identity and sign documents directly from their mobile phone, by entering a unique user-selectable PIN code. Valimo's Mobile ID solution is responsible for the entire life cycle management, from user registration to verification of mobile digital signatures, and connection to the Certificate Authority body and e-government portals.

"Gemalto offered an end-to-end solution that is proven in over 20 applications worldwide," said Sergiu Postica, Strategy and Development Director at Orange Moldova. "As a result we were able to meet the requirements of the government framework within an extremely tight timeframe, and the new service was up and running in due time after the contract was signed."

"Working closely with the teams from Orange Moldova and the Orange Group was the key in meeting the requirements for high scalability of the solution," added Philippe Vrignaud, senior vice-president of Telecommunications at Gemalto. "In addition to the Moldovan government agencies that will gain in efficiency, financial services companies and a whole group of small and medium size enterprises will also be able to introduce e-services that take advantage of this nationwide infrastructure, providing for additional jobs creation and growth in the country."

"Valimo has been pioneering this Mobile ID technology for many years, from Scandinavia to Turkey and many other places, and we have been able to provide the right solution here in Moldova based on our experience in these other countries," commented Yousaf Ghous, CEO of Valimo. "Our vendor agnostic approach provides telecom operators and government agencies with total flexibility in choosing their Mobile ID solution and UICC suppliers. It is fully in line with the GSMA strategy that aims at enabling easy to use and secure mobile services that facilitate the twenty first century citizens life style".

Gemalto is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2013 sponsor; please visit www.gemalto.com.

Source: Visa (05/13)

Visa Inc. announced a processing enhancement for Visa Offers, a solution that enables Visa issuers, acquirers and merchants of all sizes to deliver targeted rewards to Visa cardholders. The enhanced service has the potential to eliminate paper coupons, allowing consumers, who opt in, to earn points and discounts as well as redeem special offers instantly at checkout by simply using their enrolled Visa card. The platform supports Visa's commitment to offer solutions for retailer and financial institution clients of any size that allows them to deliver customized and differentiated benefits to Visa cardholders at the point-of-sale.

Visa's payments processing network, VisaNet, enables the efficient delivery of these offers that can enhance the consumer checkout experience, increase merchant sales and strengthen issuer relationships. The new capabilities include:
• Fully Customizable Offer Content
Retailers and financial institutions can deliver offers that are tailored to individual customers, through email, web and mobile. For example, a clothing retailer could deliver a personalized text message or email to customers who have opted in to the program while they are shopping nearby.
• Real-Time Offer Relevancy
The platform also provides retailers and issuers data insights and analytics to measure the point-of-sale redemption rate, allowing them to create customized and more relevant offers.
• Consumer Loyalty Qualification
Through the enhancement of the Visa Offers platform, retailers and issuers can use real-time messaging capabilities to identify and uniquely reward loyal customers.
• Multiple Redemption Options
Enhancements to the Visa Offers platform include support for real-time redemption of offers and rewards at the point-of-sale. This complements the existing statement credit capability.
• Support for Multiple Offers Programs
The Visa Offers platform supports both Visa-specific and third-party offer programs to help drive incremental purchases and a faster, more seamless checkout experience for consumers, who provide their consent.

"Smarter commerce means having the right offer, delivered to the right customer at the right time," said Jim McCarthy, global head of Products, Visa Inc. "Visa's new real-time point-of-sale redemption platform is a great example of Visa's ability to apply its processing and technology expertise to simplify the use of offers and discounts, bringing benefits to merchants, acquirers, issuers and consumers. This enhancement to Visa's processing platform is emblematic of our strategy to facilitate our clients differentiating benefits for their customers at the point-of-sale."

Visa has established agreements to source discounts from leading retailers and can manage the Visa Offers platform on behalf of retailers, acquirers, and issuers, from enrollment to offer delivery to redemption options.

"From hardware designs to software enhancements, it has never been more important for the payments industry to find meaningful ways to enhance the consumer experience," said Nick Holland, senior payments analyst, Javelin Strategy & Research. "Visa has a long history of delivering payment tools that transform the ways consumers shop, and Visa's new offers redemption platform is another innovative example of making the payment process more efficient for banks, merchants and consumers."

Visa is a member of ACT Canada and a Cardware 2013 sponsor; please visit www.visa.ca.

Source: Payfirma (05/28)

Credit card processor BluePay is partnering with mobile payments providerPayfirma to offer a full point-of-sale (POS) for tablets. Integrated seamlessly with BluePay's payment platform, Payfirma's tablet solutions are yet another value-added module integrated with BluePay technology. The collaboration further expands and differentiates BluePay's secure payment platform to enable multi-channel payment processing.

"At BluePay, we've always been committed to giving customers as many simple and effective payment solutions as possible," said Kristen Gramigna, Chief Marketing Officer at BluePay. "Through this partnership, we're able to pair our secure payment processing with Payfirma's tablet point-of-sale system, giving businesses the ability to offer mobile payments in their stores as well as a huge aesthetic improvement over traditional terminals."

Designed to simplify payments and engage customers, Payfirma's tablet solutions provide a new way for BluePay to offer innovative payment processing to its customers. Now, in addition to providing true eCommerce, MOTO, retail, and virtual terminal transaction processing, Bluepay's platform also provides tablet-based mobile payment solutions. Ever on the rise in diverse industries, from retail to food to hospitality, smartphone and tablet payments will eventually replace traditional POS systems and credit card terminals altogether.

"Mobile is the future of computing and payments," said Michael Gokturk, CEO of Payfirma. "Businesses of all sizes, from large enterprises to small retailers are adopting mobile devices like tablets as the way to get paid. Our solutions let businesses engage their customers in new ways and ultimately increase revenue."

By collaborating with BluePay, Payfirma benefits from its leading-edge secure payment platform and gateway, as well as its direct merchant and enterprise sales teams. Payfirma's smartphone solution became available last month by Bluepay and the tablet point-of-sale launches today.

Payfirma is a member of ACT Canada and an Exchange Place expert; please visit www.payfirma.com.

Source: Infineon (05/23)

Infineon Technologies AG announced that it is supplying security chips to Taiwan's electronic passport program. Infineon is the only supplier and has started shipping security chips of the SLE78 product family based on the digital security technology "Integrity Guard". Taiwan has been issuing one million electronic passports (ePassports) per year to its approximately 23 million citizens since 2008. The passports have a validity of ten years and comply with latest ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization) standards for travel documents.

This is the second major project driven by the government of Taiwan that relies on security chips from Infineon: more than 25 million pieces have already been shipped for the electronic health cards of the Taiwan Health Care Project.

"The new contract for the ePassport program in Taiwan is further proof of the fact that Infineon's security chips with "Integrity Guard" technology are the preferred solution for electronic passports and IDs. They fulfill highest requirements with regards to data security of electronic identification documents and are thus an anchor of trust for authorities and citizens worldwide," says Carsten Loschinsky, Vice President and Head of Business Line Government ID for the Chip Card & Security Division of Infineon Technologies."

ID cards, passports, health cards and driving licenses increasingly are being issued in the form of electronic documents, comprising a security chip, in order to protect them more effectively against counterfeiting and falsification while increasing convenience for the ID holder. The personal data is stored and processed by security chips integrated into the smart cards and electronic documents. Infineon supplies security chips for the electronic passports of the largest countries in the world including USA, Brazil, China and India. Furthermore, 90 per cent of all European national eID projects utilize Infineon's security chips, including Germany where Infineon also supplies the electronic health card project.

Electronic passports and IDs with a long period of validity require particularly high protection of personal data against falsification. Unlike conventional analog security concepts, the digital approach of Infineon's "Integrity Guard" offers particularly solid protection against unauthorized data manipulation. "Integrity Guard" is the first technology of its kind to combine two processing units with fully encrypted data processing. The personal data of the card holder are not only stored but also processed in encrypted form. The processors also continuously cross-check each other's operations. Should a unit detect that an operation has not been properly executed, for example if somebody tries to manipulate the data, the ongoing processes are immediately stopped.

Infineon Technologies is a member of ACT Canada; please visit www.infineon.com.

Source: PYMNTS.com (05/21)

A new page on Square's website has revealed a platform called Square Cash that would allow users to send money to debit card accounts via email, as TechCrunchfirst spotted.

Details on the Square Cash page are scant, but the platform describes itself as "the easiest way to send money to anyone, using just email and your debit card." The platform is currently only available via invitation, and the site lacks even an area through which perspective users can apply to join. According to All Things D, only Twitter, Pinterest and Box.com employees currently have access to the platform.

Square says that each payment costs $0.50 to send but that there is no cost to receive money. To collect funds, users need to link to a debit card after the payment is received, and funds show up in the linked checking account within 48 hours. Square says it doesn't hold the funds in a secondary account.

The move comes shortly after Google Wallet revealed a platform that's similar in theory, integrating with Gmail to allow users to send and receive money for a "low fee" of $0.30 and 2.9 percent per transaction.

Square Cash can also be seen as another front in Square's battle against PayPal. The two companies engaged in a clash over MPOS platforms just last week.


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Source: UL (05/21)

UL is pleased to announce that GlobalPlatform has re-qualified the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration and the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform UICC Contactless Extension, after successful completion of the GlobalPlatform TestFest process.

The re-qualification of these test suites results in UL offering an increased coverage due to new test cases being added as well as excluded test cases being corrected. These test tools are backed by extensive expertise in mobile test tools and will ensure a high level of compliancy and interoperability.

The Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform UICC Configuration is a configuration of GlobalPlatform Card version v2.2.1 technology, standardizing the minimum interoperability for UICCs for supporting remote application management via over the air (OTA).

The Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform UICC Contactless Extension is an add-on to the UICC Configuration that brings GlobalPlatform Card Amendment C technology to UICCs. This test suite uses Micropross TC3 or MP65 hardware to provide dual interface (ISO 7816 and SWP) communication.

Maxim Dyachenko, Manager Service Line Test Tools of UL's transaction security service line, added: "Over the last few years, smart card technology has changed considerably. Many smart card applications in various industries rely on GlobalPlatform technology for personalization, key management and security. We always keep our portfolio of certified GlobalPlatform test suites up to date with the GlobalPlatform Compliance Program so our customers can make use of the latest versions of these test suites."

Additional test suites that complete the Collis GlobalPlatform test suite portfolio are the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform Mapping Guidelines, the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform SWP and HCI and the Collis Compliance Test Suite for GlobalPlatform Basic Financial Configuration.

UL's transaction security services were formed after the acquisition of RFI Smart in 2010 and Collis and Witham Laboratories in 2012. On the 1st of November 2012, the three companies rebranded to UL and became one. Under the UL umbrella they offer extensive advisory services, training, test & certification services, security evaluation services and test tools to the payment, mobile, e-Ticketing and ID management domains worldwide. The Collis test tool portfolio will remain its strong brand and will continue to be further developed and expanded.

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Source: Ingenico (05/21)

Ingenico has concluded a contract through its Healthcare/e-ID Division with the largest German Health Insurance Company covering the delivery of 3,500 e-Health card terminals.

For 125 years now, the largest Health Insurance Company in Germany represents security and vast medical care in case of need. About 54,000 employees guarantee a performing service in over 1,250 offices. With a market share of approx. 35 % (approximately 24 million people), this Health Insurance Company leads the market of statutory health insurances.

The awarded Ingenico terminals, the 6041 from the Orga range, enable to securely synchronize and update data on the eGK, the German e-Health patient card. Terminals are installed in Health Insurance offices and can establish a secure connection to the data processing center. Terminals communicate through the SICCT protocol. This innovative and highly secure software protocol for the intended Healthcare telematics network transmits the card data encrypted. This way, all information is protected.

Laurent Maitre, Marketing and International Development Director, Ingenico Healthcare/e-ID, stated:
This contract is a key win for us. In France, we are operating more than 25,000 secure update standalone terminals deployed widely in pharmacies, hospitals and other public areas. We are now providing an adapted solution to the German e-Health system, enabling the secure update of eGK cards which is a strong need to avoid multiple card replacements."

Doctors, dentists, psychotherapists and institutions all over Germany already rely on the flexible and user-friendly 6041 terminal to manage eGK cards at their offices. Apart from a USB 2.0/1.1 interface, it also offers a LAN switch with 10/100 Mbit/sec and provides two card slots for both patient eGK card and professional health card (HBA) and is thus completely prepared for the health telematics of the future.
A first batch of terminals is currently being installed in 600 offices of the Health Insurance Company which is then connected to the central data processing center. The rollout of all 3,500 terminals will be completed within a few weeks.

Laurent Maitre added: This contract strengthens our leadership position in Europe as the undisputed leader in security solutions for e-health transactions. It also demonstrates our technology leadership with the most advanced embedded software solutions which previews the next generation of terminals. Ingenico is definitely committed to develop its e-health European strategy, leveraging its position in France & Germany, with national approaches to provide optimized solutions in the form of health card terminals, embedded security software and services."

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Source: Central1 (05/24)

Deposit Anywhere, the new mobile banking feature that makes it easy to deposit cheques with a mobile device, has surpassed $1 million dollars in deposits since its launch just last month by two credit unions: Westminster Savings Credit Union in B.C. and Meridian Credit Union in Ontario.

Member usage of the new feature has been very positive, with mobile cheque deposits at Westminster Savings five times higher than anticipated.

The in-demand banking feature has had a spillover effect on the adoption of Westminster Savings' mobile app which saw a 100 per cent increase in downloads of the app following the addition of Deposit Anywhere on April 17.

Deposit Anywhere has quickly gained traction among smartphone users, who describe it as 'perfect,' 'awesome' and 'amazing' in customer reviews on the Apple Store, because it gives them the convenience they really want.

Next up to launch is Saskatchewan's Affinity Credit Union which will roll out the new feature in the coming weeks.

Customers want to bank when it's convenient for them
According to a recent article published by the Canadian Bankers Association:
• 81% of Canadians value being able to bank from virtually anywhere
• 82% say that banking innovations save them time
Canadian customers are increasingly relying on mobile technology to manage their business and personal finances. Isn't it time that you Deposit Anywhere?

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Source: Oberthur (05/22)

Oberthur Technologies announced that it has obtained certifications from MasterCard and Visa for its dragonFly NFC SIM card.

Oberthur Technologies' NFC SIM cards are available in all form factors including 2FF, 3FF, 4FF, and SMD¹, and are compatible with all networks 2G, 3G and 4G. Through MasterCard and Visa's certifications, Oberthur Technologies is able to provide flexibility for payment scheme users and enhance security for payment transactions.

Oberthur Technologies gained recognition for the high security levels of its NFC SIM cards, when it was the first to receive the EAL4+ certification and is today the sole card vendor to offer a built-in anti-virus. With the MasterCard and Visa certifications, Oberthur Technologies reinforces its position worldwide, in the field of secure mobile banking.

This latest generation of Oberthur Technologies' NFC SIM card, dragonFly, is fast, convenient and secure. As the fastest card on the market, it offers speedy download of new services and files through an integrated "NFC Turbo Engine", based on a hardware accelerator and software optimisation. This dramatically reduces the time a transaction takes to run; transport access validation or transport ticketing transactions are granted faster than with any other SIM card. The dragonFly NFC SIM card is also the most secure with its integrated anti-virus; if attacked, it isolates the malware, preventing the corrupted application from interacting with any other application containing stored sensitive data. Finally, its convenience stems from the wide variety of applications it offers: transport, identification, access control, loyalty and payment. In the field of payment, Oberthur Technologies demonstrates a true competitive advantage by offering MasterCard and Visa certified NFC SIM cards.

"We are very proud to announce that our NFC SIM card is now certified by MasterCard and Visa payment schemes, offering our customers the flexibility they need to efficiently address their markets" said Christian Lefebvre, Managing Director of the Telecom Product Line at Oberthur Technologies. "This critical milestone has been passed thanks to our best-in-class expertise in the Payment and Telecom fields, to deliver state-of-the-art products to our customers".

SMD¹: Surface Mounted Device

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Source: ICMA Industry News (05/23)

EMVCo, the EMV standards body jointly owned by American Express, JCB, MasterCard and Visa, announced China UnionPay as its latest member. The addition of this global payment card system demonstrates the industry's continued commitment globally to adopting and advancing the EMV standard for secure chip, credit and debit payments.

UnionPay now has an equal interest in the standards body. EMVCo's management structure has been amended to accommodate UnionPay representation on the organisation's Executive Committee and Board of Managers, in addition to equal participation in its working groups.

Joe Cunningham, current EMVCo executive committee chair, comments, "EMVCo works to maintain, enhance and evolve EMV Specifications to continue offering secure and interoperable payments across the global payments industry. We are delighted to welcome UnionPay as a member and active contributor to this work. UnionPay's addition as an equity member of EMVCo further reinforces the growth of the EMV standard globally. Its expertise at a technical, management and implementation level will support our ongoing goal to create a universally consistent and secure infrastructure that supports contact, contactless and mobile chip-based payments into the future."


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Source: VeriFone (05/20)

VeriFone Systems, Inc., and XPIENT Solutions announced the integration of VeriFone's customer-engagement acceptance systems with XPIENT's IRIS point-of-sale (POS) software to provide intuitive ordering and payment solutions for the quick service and fast casual restaurant segments.

IRIS is a cost-effective, easy to use, infinitely flexible POS application that is readily adaptable to quick service, fast casual, family or casual dining businesses. By utilizing IRIS integrated with VeriFone's customer-facing payment acceptance systems, restaurant operators will be able to improve efficiency and provide patrons with an engaging and convenient experience. With VeriFone's VeriShield Protect end-to-end encryption technology and EMV-capable acceptance systems, restaurants will be prepared to adapt to changing security mandates and the upcoming liability shift accompanying implementation of EMV requirements.

"Utilizing VeriFone systems with XPIENT IRIS provides an enhanced service for patrons and fully secure payment acceptance solution for restaurant operators," said XPIENT President and CEO Christopher Sebes.

Restaurant operators, integrators and resellers will be able to pair XPIENT IRIS with VeriFone's multimedia-enabled MX 915 and MX 925 systems to deliver real-time order confirmation, combined with marketing content and prompts for additional item selection suggestions. The VeriFone VX 820 PIN pad provides a secure, yet more traditional customer payment point integrated with IRIS.

"Consumers increasingly demand both convenience and an engaging experience at the point of sale," said Jennifer Miles, president, VeriFone Americas. "VeriFone's VX Solutions and MX Solutions provide new opportunities to leverage XPIENT's software to more dynamically engage customers and prepare for a new era of EMV payments."

IRIS POS affords unlimited options to support distinctive business requirements. Uniquely configurable touch screen technology speeds employee training and performance as well as optimizing order accuracy and speed-of-service. All three VeriFone systems support credit, debit and EMV transactions, and include integrated NFC/contactless technology for emerging alternative payments and digital wallets.

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Source: Gemalto (05/27)

Gemalto is supplying Mobile TeleSystems (MTS), Russia's largest network operator with over 70 million subscribers, with its UpTeq NFC high-end SIM cards for a mobile phone-based public transport ticketing solution in the city of Novosibirsk. Produced and personalized at Gemalto's Moscow service center, the solution can deliver increased efficiency and responsiveness for the swift deployment of MTS' NFC program. Gemalto uniquely provides its Russian customers with deep expertise and local presence across telecommunications, banking and transport sectors.

Operated alongside Zolotaya Korona, a Russian payment and money transfer system, the ticketing service allows users to pay for journeys on buses and the metro in Novosibirsk, the country's third-largest city, simply by tapping their mobile phone on an NFC reader. For optimum convenience, users will be charged for journeys via their regular MTS billing scheme. Over 95% of public transport turnstiles and terminals in Novosibirsk are already equipped with NFC readers and the new system is designed to replace the current paper tickets. Queuing will become shorter for customers and the traveling experience will improve across the entire public transport network, throughout the city.

"As NFC technology moves beyond the realms of contactless payment, transportation is emerging as one of the most important applications, and our Upteq NFC SIM is the ideal platform to deploy a wider range of services in the future," said Thierry Mesnard, Senior Vice President at Gemalto. "High profile deployments such as the MTS project in Novosibirsk will have a significant impact, getting end users accustomed to tapping their mobile phone to enjoy NFC services."

"Will 2013 be the year of NFC? My response is yes, it is. We have reached a point of no return, from where NFC will be included within companies' products, apps, and services. The installed base will grow to half a billion devices and beyond. That provides you and me with an increasing variety of things to tap our phones with," added John Devlin, principal analyst with ABI Research.

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Source: IDG News Service (05/22)

Wal-Mart plans to use big data about a customer's usual shopping to automatically create shopping lists for them on its mobile app.

That's one of the tools the world's largest retailer plans to use to improve the in-store shopping experience as it looks to mobile-influenced purchases outpacing e-commerce sales, said Gibu Thomas, Wal-Mart's global head of mobile, in a CTIA Wireless keynote speech Wednesday.

"The future of retailing is the history of retailing, of a personalized interactive experience for every customer delivered through a smartphone," Thomas said. Citing independent studies of the U.S. market, Thomas said in-store buying influenced by mobile use was on track to be about twice as big as e-commerce sales by 2016.

Mobile already drives about one-third of the traffic to Walmart.com, spiking to more than 40 percent during the holiday season late last year, Thomas said. The store's smartphone app also boosts buying: Customers who have the app make more trips to Wal-Mart and spend as much as 40 percent more there, he said. A majority of Wal-Mart's customers have smartphones.

The app already includes a shopping-list function, which can tell customers where to find their products in the store and give them relevant digital coupons they can redeem through the phone. Wal-Mart is testing a system called "Scan and Go" with which shoppers can scan each their purchases with the Wal-Mart app and then scan their phone once at a self-checkout register to pay, Thomas said.

But through analyzing what customers usually buy, the company now thinks it can automatically compile a list that will come up whenever the shopper opens up the app. It's designed to anticipate what the customer will need.

"The best shopping list is the one you don't have to create, so that's the one we're working on," Thomas said.

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Source: PYMNTS.com (05/14)

LightSpeed is an in-store retail platform trying to revolutionize the brick-and-mortar shopping experience through the use of Apple-based products. The company is taking another step towards becoming an attractive partner for merchants today, announcing integration with Merchant Warehouse, Moneris and uDynamo as part of its LightSpeed for iPad 1.4 upgrade.

How do the moves fit into LightSpeed's larger strategy, and what does it say about the company's target retail base? PYMNTS.com spoke with Dax Dasilva, founder and CEO at LightSpeed in this exclusive to learn more.

According to Dasilva, LightSpeed plays in three spaces: back-end retail management, in-store shopping experience and payments acceptance.

"What we've tried to do with this new release is we've tried to innovate on that side, and this all ties back into having great customer engagements and all of this stuff flowing through our back end as well.

LightSpeed spans a very broad spectrum, and there are different types of payments processing and different types of options that different segments of retailers need," Dasilva explained. "So what we've tried to do is we've tried to partner with some of the best partners, so that LightSpeed has got the right payments options at all of these different levels."

In the U.S., LightSpeed has made a push towards the wallet acceptance and consumer loyalty space by integrating with Merchant Warehouse's Genius platform. The move allows for those using Google Wallet, LevelUp and other payment options in conjunction with payments terminals.

"As merchants probably realize, it's hard to keep up with all the different types of payments options that are popping up on the market, and different wallet solutions, different loyalty programs," he said. "What the Genius platform does is it lets the merchant implement the LightSpeed system for managing their store and engaging with their customers, and let's the Genius platform take care of these new payments innovations as they come along on the terminal."

According to Dasilva, store representatives can help make sales via LightSpeed's iPad system, but can then throw the transaction process to a Genius terminal stationed elsewhere in the store.

"They don't have to wait for us to integrate piece by piece these new offers," Dasilva explained.

And what the Merchant Warehouse integration does for the U.S. is what the Moneris partnership does for Canada, according to Dasilva, but with some major differences: perhaps most notably, that the integration is the first of its kind for Macs and iPads. PYMNTS.com first broke the news that LightSpeed and Moneris had partnered for Mac integration back in April, but the integration is now live for the iPad as well.

"We're bringing sort of the Apple Store dream of having all of these Apple-based tools connecting to the biggest payment processor in Canada," he said, noting that acceptance of EMV and Chip & PIN payments is of more importance in Canada.

And finally, Dasilva highlighted LightSpeed's integration with uDynamo as a way for smaller retailers to begin credit card processing via tablets. Dasilva said this option should become even more popular among retailers now, as the iPad mini is even more conducive to collecting in-store payments than its larger predecessors.

"To be completely honest the iPad mini is way more appealing to do this than the iPad just in terms of bulk," he said. "If you're a smaller store and you just sort of need a credit card swipe to go onto that iPad, uDynamo is a great choice."

Overall, the three integrations represent a way for LightSpeed to appeal to merchants of varying sizes in the Canadian and U.S. markets, and build up to some enterprise partner announcement Dasilva teased for the future.

"We do a lot of thinking about how retailers are going to be running their stores in this modern age, in a very connected to the online world model, where eCommerce and in-store experience, all of these things are intermingled. And that's what the LightSpeed platform is built to do, to kind of help retailers move into this modern age and have all of these systems in sync."

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Source: UL (05/16)

This accreditation means that, UL has extended their EMVCo services to include Application Activation User Interface (AAUI) / Proximity Payment System Environment (PPSE) testing for product providers, to ensure their products align to the EMVCo specification before being brought to market.

EMVCo established the Contactless Mobile Payment Product Type Approval process to test compliance with the EMV Specifications. The CMP Product Type Approval process provides an increased level of confidence that interoperability and consistent behaviour between compliant mobile payment products have been achieved.

Stephen Kirk, a UL Vice President, commented: "We are very pleased to have gained this accreditation, which is becoming increasingly valued and recognised around the world. The importance of EMVCo standards and all other industry bodies is essential to ensure contactless technology becomes a reality with a secure, interoperable and stable infrastructure.
Being an accredited lab allows us to expand the services we offer our customers and ensure smooth and successful product launches. In UL our goal is to help making mobile payments possible."

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