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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

b Binary  
BER Basic Encoding Rules  
BPI Bits per inch, as on a magnetic stripe card..  
Backup An alternate or redundant device that replaces a primary device in order to maintain continued operation in the event or primary device failure.  
Bad Account Generic description of feature which holds a negative file of account numbers in the system's storage.  
Balance Enquiry A transaction offered by a ATM or ABM enabling a cardholder to determine the balance of one or more of his financial account.  
Bank Card A financial transaction card issued by a bank.  
Bankers Automated Clearing Services An organization of UK clearing banks which bulk-processes payments between the banks account holders. BACS is heavily used for employees salary payments.  
Basic A conversational computer language using words, not symbols. It is the language of most microcomputers. Some say it is an acronym for Basic or Beginners All-Purpose Symbolic Instruction Code.  
Batch Processing A mode of data processing in which data is gathered over a period of time and aggregated for subsequent sequential processing.  
Baud A unit of signaling speed defined as the rate of change of the unit signal element on a communication channel. Note that this is not the same as the "bit rate" is the unit signal element encodes more than one "bit" at a time.  
Beta Test The first public test of a new program, system or hardware, under controlled conditions with selected users. See Alpha Test.  
Biometrics Method of validating the user by electronically measuring a unique characteristic such as fingerprint, voice print, retina scan, or signature dynamics.  
Biometric Encryption The process of using a characteristic of the body, such as a finger pattern, to scramble information for purposes of keeping it private and secure. ACT Canada
Biochip A chip of synthesized organic molecules for use in quantity in an extremely fast computer. They are expected to be a thousand times faster than silicon chips and use 100,000 time less power.  
Bit Derived from the words Binary digit. A bit is the basic element of electric information.  
Bit Density The number of bits per unit length recorded on a magnetic medium. On ISO standard identification cards track 1 and track 3 are recorded at 8.3 bpmm and track 2 at 3 bpmm  
Black List see hot list  
Bleed Edge The printing of solid colors to the edge of the credit card.  
Bluetooth A protocol that provides a way for a variety of mobile communications devices that are within close physical proximity of each other to communicate with one another and with the Internet.  
BPMM Bits per Millimeter - a measure of bit density  
BPS Bits per second - a unit in which bit rates are expressed.  
Bridge A device used to match dissimilar communication circuits to each other to facilitate signal interchange.  
Budget Account Card A retailer credit card.  
Bug An error in hardware or software.  
Bulletin Board A data base maintained by a system operator who allows users to phone and post messages or programs for other users. Four thousand public access bulletin boards are in operation nearly all free. ISO
BUS The pathway, in the form of copper foil lines or traces, over which data travels on a circuit board. Switching is directed either by dip switches on the equipment or by software. ISO
Byte A group of 8 bits.