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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

Facilities Management Operation of a bank’s in-house data processing by an outside contractor.  
Fallback As used in stand-alone off-line fallback, this concept calls for the intelligence to allow an ATM to run independently of its host computer and communications link. This means the ATM is totally operational except for balance inquiry functions when phone lines, modem and host computers are not.  
Farrington 7B A type font comprising letters and digits only and used for embossing text on identification cards (defined in ISO7811)  
Fault Tolerant Capable of uninterrupted operation when breakdowns occur. Achieved through duplicate hardware or components, sometimes, called redundant or nonstop hardware.  
Ferrous Oxide The metal “rust” particles that are used to make magnetic stripes. The controlled rust (oxidation) determines the recording characteristics of the magnetic material.  
File Management System Software to maintain and provide access to data in a file.  
Financial Institution Generally any organization in the business of moving, investing, or lending money, dealing in financial instruments or providing financial services. In the specific context of a payments system, any such organization processing transaction data.  
Financial Transaction Card An identification card identifying both the card issuer and cardholder and used to facilitate, and sometimes provide data for transaction.  
Fine Line Security Pattern A printed pattern of finely spaced lines used to prevent counterfeiting of printed matter.  
Fingerprint Reader A device which forms a digitized image of a human fingerprint for the purpose of biometric authentication.  
Firmware That portion of a computer program which is stored in read-only memory and thus cannot be modified without a change of hardware.  
Flex Transition A reversal of magnetic polarity on a magnetic track.  
Float The value of funds tied up in the payment process, reflecting the value of payment processing time.  
Floor Limit A transaction amount limit above which an Acceptor must obtain authorization from the issuer.  
Footprint The area a piece of equipment takes up on a floor desktop.  
Fourth Generation Language Computer language designed to be the easiest for programmers enabling them to write software using plain English terms.  
Free-standing Of an electronic payment terminal, having its own housing as opposed to being mounted through the wall.  
Frequency Modulation Encoding of signals by changing the frequency of an alternating current. Often used, somewhat confusingly, to refer to “two-frequency recording”.  
Front End The communications network interfacing equipment at a control point or central site.  
FTPMM Flux Transitions per Millimeter. A measure of the density of recording on a magnetic track, but not the same as BPMM.  
Full Track Reading Reading the full capacity of a magnetic track.