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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

HDLC High-level Data Link Control  
Hand Geometry A biometric method of personal identification verification that uses selected dimensions, shape, and other pertinent characteristics of the cardholder’s hand.  
Handshake Routine pulse exchanged between the central processing units of commuters to assure synchronization or that entry to the host computer is authorized.  
Hard Disk Plate-sized magnetic device to store large quantities of data and permit quick access.  
Hardware Physical devices such and computers, printers, card handlers, etc.  
High-level Data Link Control A link control procedure used in packet-switching networks.  
Heat Dissipation Energy that, when used in a chip, generates an elevated temperature of the exposed surfaces and must be transferred away in order to avoid chip, chip carrier, or card damage.  
Hermetic Seal Completely sealed against external substances such as liquids and gases.  
Hexadecimal Numbering system using a base of 16. A shorthand for computer programmers.  
Holder The individual or business in whose name a payment device is issued. (This may not be the device user).  
Hologram Unique photographic printing that gives the image a three-dimensional effect.  
Hologram Card An identification card bearing a hologram as a security measure against counterfeiting.  
Holographic Foil The foil used to carry embossed holographic images.  
Home Banking System that allows customers to access banking services from home, e.g., inquiries, transfers, via devices such as telephones, televisions, personal computers, screen phones.  
Host Central computers with which an on-line terminal communicates.  
Host Security Module A physically secure device used to support cryptographic functions and perform SAM functionality on a host system. ISO
Hot List A compilation of lost, stolen, over limit, or counterfeit cards, which may be used to verify the legitimacy of the transaction during authorization.  
Humidity A measure of moisture in the air. ISO standard identification cards are supposed to stay useable in the humidity range 5% to 95 % with a maximum wet bulb temperature of 25 degrees Celsius.