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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

IC Integrated circuit  
ICC Integrated Circuit Card  
IFDs Interface Devices.  
IMV Interac/MasterCard/Visa (see EMV)  
I/O : Input/Output The process of moving information between the central processing unit and peripherals.  
IC Assembler The entity which performs IC assembling. ISO
IC Assembling The process of combining one or more ICs with elements enabling external communication to a module suitable for IC embedding. ISO
IC Assembly A module containing one or more ICs and external communications suitable for IC embedding. ISO
IC Embedding The process of inserting an IC assembly into a card to form an ICC. ISO
IC Memory Card An integrated circuit card containing memory but no processing elements  
Imprinter A device used to print embossed details from financial transaction cards onto sales vouchers.  
Individual Account Identification A personal or individual number assigned by a card issuer to identify an individual or an account.  
Infill Printing Filling otherwise blank areas of printed material with fine detail printing as a countermeasure against counterfeiting.  
Initialization Setting data fields on a card.  
Insult Rate Percentage of occasions a valid user is rejected for a service. e.g. alleged erroneous billings or erroneous rejections of valid users by biometrics.  
Intaglio Printing A printing process in which the ink-bearing areas of the printing surface are hollows below the surface. The thickness of the layer of ink transferred to the printed surface varies according to the depth of the hollow giving a design effect.  
Integrated Circuit Electronic component(s) which are embedded in an ICC in the form of microcircuits to perform processing and memory functions. ISO
Integrated Circuit Card (ICC) A card into which has been embedded one or more ICs. ISO
Integrity Freedom from unintended or unauthorized modification.  
Intelligent Terminal A terminal with some processing ability.  
Interactive Message In a payment system, a message sent and responded to while a transaction is taking place, especially messages to and from electronic payment terminals in on-line-operation.  
Interchange Exchange of payment related transaction data between the Acquirer and Issuer.  
Interchange Designator A character recorded on track 1 of a financial transaction card. It says whether the card can be used internationally, nationwide only in the country of issue, neither, or whether it is only a test card.  
Interchange Fee In a payment system, a fee charged by a party who receives transaction data and forwards it to a card issuer.  
Intermediate Network Facility The system of computing and telecommunications equipment which supports the transmission of transactions between the parties in a payment system.  
International Organization for Standardization The international body whose member bodies are national standards organizations and under whose auspices international standards are developed and published.  
International Organization for Standardization (ISO) An international standards-setting body.  
ISO 10202 Financial transaction cards - Security architecture of financial transaction systems using integrated circuit cards. Consist of multiple parts dealing with the card life cycle, the transaction process, cryptographic key relationships, secure application modules, algorithms and key management.  
ISO 10373 Identification cards - Test methods  
ISO 10536 Identification cards - Contactless integrated circuit(s) cards. Consists of several parts dealing with the physical dimensions of the cards, the dimensions and location of the coupling areas and electronic signals for closely coupled contactless cards.  
ISO 11693 Optical Cards - general characteristics  
ISO 11694 Optical Cards - physical characteristics, dimensions, and location of accessible optical area, optical properties, logical data structure.  
ISO 7810 Identification cards - Physical characteristics. Specifies the nominal dimensions of identification cards.  
ISO 7811 Identification cards - Recording technique. Consists of several parts specifying the location of embossing areas as well as magnetic track locations.  
ISO 7812 Identification cards - Identification of Issuers - Numbering system. Consists of several parts specifying a numbering system and a registration procedure for card issuer identifiers.  
ISO 7813 Identification cards - Financial transaction cards. Specifies the dimensions of financial cards (specific option of 7810) as well as the structure of the data stored in magnetic tracks 1 and 2.  
ISO 7816 Identification cards - Integrated circuit(s) cards with contacts. Consists of several parts dealing with the physical dimensions of the cards. The dimensions and the contacts location, the electronic signals and the transmission protocols, the inter-industry commands and responses, a numbering system and registration procedure for application identifiers, Data for interchange and in the future the advanced commands as well as the Security architecture.  
ISO 9992 Financial transaction cards - Messages between the integrated circuit card and the card-accepting device. Specifies the functions, messages, data elements as well as the structures of multi application financial cards built for interchange.  
Issuer The institution identified on the card issued to the cardholder.  
Issuer Identification Number A number identifying the major industry and identity of a card issuer and which forms the first part of the identification number.