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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

Key A parameter used in a cryptographic algorithm that is computationally infeasible to deduce from the input and output data. See also Public Key, Private Key, and Symmetric Key.  
Key Enciphering Key A key used to encipher another key. ISO
Key Generation Module A type of cryptographic equipment used for generating and deriving cryptographic keys. ISO
Key Identifier Key information that enables the recipient to determine the appropriate key(s) associated with a transaction. ISO
Key Loading Module An electronic, self-contained unit which is capable of storing at least one cryptographic key, upon request, into a cryptographic device such as an ICC on a SAM. ISO
Key Management The process by which cryptographic keys are provided for use between authorized communication parties and whereby those keys are subject to secure procedures until they have been destroyed.  
Key Synchronization The ability of two nodes to determine the identical data key. ISO
Keying Material The data necessary to establish and maintain a keying relationship. ISO
Kilobyte Kilo, Represents 1,024 units.