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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

Language System of symbols and rules for combining in understandable forms, e.g. Basic, Fortran.  
Large Scale Integration Packing lots of components onto a silicon chip. As a rule of thumb you need large scale integration to put an average microprocessor on a chip. To get the whole microcomputer on the chip, external interfaces memory and all you need VLSI (Beware the term gets used very loosely).  
Laser Card See Optical Memory Card  
Life Cycle Cost The present value of a system or subsystem, including purchase, spares, administration, maintenance and consumable cost over the life of the system.  
Light Sensitivity ISO standard identification cards are supposed to resist deterioration from exposure to light during normal use. (criteria defined is ISO 7810)  
Light-emitting Diode A semiconducting device that emits light when electric current is applied. They are sometimes used in arrays to make visual display devices, each diode forming a single pixel of the display.  
Line Tapping A means of connecting to a communications line for listening to and possibly recording data being transferred.  
Liquid Crystal An electrically driven display technology used for workstations that is small, lightweight, and with low power needs.  
Liquid Crystal Display A visual display medium in which graphic images are formed using pixels of liquid crystal, which became opaque, and thus visible, when electric current is applied.  
Local Area Network A distributed data processing network serving a single site or group of co-located users and not using public telecommunications networks.  
Log A record of the events taking place in or communications handled by a computing system.  
Longitudinal Redundancy Check A character recorded on a magnetic track and used to check the integrity of data read from the track.  
Lost Transactions Transactions that would historically have occurred during a down.  
Low-co Colloquial term for magnetic recording material of low coercivity.  
Luhn Formula A method for calculating a check digit for a number. To obtain the Luhn check digit the steps are (a) double the value of alternate digits beginning with the least significant, (b) form the sum of the individual digits of the result of step (a) and the unaffected digits of the original number, (c) divide the result by 10 and take the remainder.