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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technologies  
Negative File Selection of identifiers and conditions to be treated as exceptions.  
Network Generally a set of entities connected by links. In the context of computers a set of computing systems connected by data communication links via which they communicate and cooperate.  
Network Architecture The organization of computer and communications systems which supports communication and cooperation between them.  
Network Control Program A program that controls data transfer in a computer network.  
Network Management Message In a payment system, any message used to monitor or control the operation of an intermediate network facility.  
Nibble Four (4) bits.  
NMOS N-channel metal oxide semi conductor. A chip fabrication technology requiring moderate performance and moderate power.  
Node Generally an entity connected to other entities by one or more links in a network.  
Non-bank In a payment system, a financial institution not offering retail banking services.  
Non-contact Card An integrated circuit card in which the electrical coupling between the electronic elements in the card and the external interface device does not involve external physical contacts. The coupling may be by inductive or capacitive means.  
Non-discrimination A principle under which a card acceptor agrees to charge the same price to a customer regardless of the payment instrument the customer offers.  
Non-interactive Message A message transmitted after a transaction has taken place and to which response is not urgent.  
Non-Replenishable Card A prepayment card that cannot have value reinstated.  
Non-volatile Memory Computer memory which does not lose its contents when external power is removed.  
Nonvolatile Memory A semiconductor memory that retains its content when power is removed.