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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

OCR Optical Character Recognition  
OTP One Time Programmable Memory  
Oersted The unit of magnetic force in the centimeter, gram, second system of units. A unit of magnetic coercive force. Also used to define relative difficulty of erasing magnetic material.  
Off-line Authorization Authorization of a transaction carried out under off-line operation.  
Off-line Operation For terminals, operation without direct connection to a computer or data communication network.  
Off-line Processing Processing carried out under off-line operation  
On-line Direct access to computer-based data files and operations systems via computer terminals.  
On-line Authorization Authorization of a transaction carried out under on-line operation.  
On-line Processing Processing carried out under on-line operation.  
Opencard framework An architecture for cards and terminals primarily intended to standardize the development of smart card and terminal applications in network computers. Visa
Open System A card System that involves multiple issuers of cards that can be used to access services or purchase products at multiple service providers. An open system requires the processing of interchange transactions, usually by an independent “system operator”.  
Open System Interconnection (OSI) An international standard describing the interaction of computer systems through communication link characteristics by allocating the information functions into seven distinct layers.  
Optical Character Recognition (OCR) Character fonts that are machine readable by optical techniques.  
Optical Fibre A transmission medium in the form of fibre made of optical glass, which conveys coherent light on which digital signals are modulated.  
Optical Memory Card Also known as laser cards, because a low-intensity laser is used to burn holes of several microns in diameter into a reflective material exposing a substrata of lower reflectivity. The presence, or absence, or a burned hole represents bits. the areas of high and low reflectivity are read using a precision light source.  
Optical Recording Layer Layer used for recording data on an optical card  
Optical Stripe The area on an optical card where the optical writing and reading of digital data takes place.