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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

RAM Random Access Memory  
RF Radio Frequency  
ROM Read Only Memory  
Random Access Memory A volatile memory used in integrated circuit cards that requires power to maintain data.  
Read on Insertion Reading information from a magnetic stripe while the card is being inserted into the reader device  
Read on Withdrawal Reading information from a magnetic stripe while the card is being removed from the reader device.  
Read-Only Memory Non-volatile memory that is written once, usually during card production. It is used to store operating systems and algorithms employed by the microprocessor in an integrated circuit card during transactions.  
Reflex Hologram A hologram produced in film form similar to a photonegative that gives full 3-D imagery.  
Reg “E” Registration Authority Regulation promulgated by the US Federal Reserve Bank under the Electronic Funds Transfer Act establishing the right and responsibilities of parties involved in electronic funds transfer transactions.  
Registration Authority A party usually designated by a standards body to register identifiers or codes.  
Relief Height The height above the surface of the card of characters formed on it by embossing. For ISO standard identification cards this height should not exceed 0.48mm (defined in ISO 7811)  
Reloadable Prepayment Card A prepayment card where the cardholder can add value after the initial issuance of the card.  
Remote Batch Terminal A terminal remote from the computer to which it is connected which collects data for and returns data from batch processing.  
Repudiation Denial by a party to a transaction that the transaction ever took place.  
Retailer Card Proprietary card issued by a retailer or retailing group  
Retinal Scan A Personal Identification Verification technique based on an infrared scan of the eye retina.  
Retinal-Scanning A device used to recognize patterns in a human retina. The device makes a digitized image of a strip of retina. This image can then be compared with a pre-stored one. Retinal patterns are almost unique to individuals and retinal scanning is currently on of the most powerful methods of biometric authentication.  
Routing The chain of transmissions by which a transaction passes from an acquirer to a card issuer in a payment system.  
RSA Algorithm AN asymmetric (public key) algorithm developed by Rivest, Shamir, and Adleman  
RSA - Rivest Shamir - Adleman Cryptosystem A public key cryptosystem in which public and secret keys are derived from the factors of very large numbers.  
Runaway Card A lost or stolen card that is being misused frequently and fast.