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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

3G Third generation mobile communication systems – Scheduled for operational startup in Japan and Europe between 2001 and 2002. Applying high-speed data transfer and state-of-the-art radio terminal technology, third generation systems enable multimedia and are currently in the process of being standardized under a third generation partnership project.  
Tailored Chip A chip whose characteristics have been set for the handling of a specific set of application or job requirements.  
t-commerce Telephone commerce – The ability to buy and sell products and conduct payments using telephony.  
Telephone Card A card issued by a telephone company for the payment of telephone calls. This card maybe a prepaid card, a credit card, or one that adds the cost of the call to the standard telephone bill.  
Telephony The technology associated with the electronic transmission of voice, fax or other information between different parties. Internet telephony is the use of the Internet, rather than the traditional telephone company infrastructure to exchange spoken or other telephone information.  
Thermal Transfer Printer A printer that forms character images by local heating of specially sensitized paper. The most common types of matrix printers working by electrical discharge from wires in the print head.  
Touch Screen An interactive visual display device with which the user interacts by touching the screen to select options from a displayed menu. Touch screens work by sensing the position of the finger using infrared sensors located in the screen surround.  
Track 1 (T1) An ISO - defined read-only track on the magnetic stripe that has high-density and may contain alphanumeric characters.  
Track 2 (T2) An ISO-defined read-only track on the magnetic stripe that has low-density and may only numeric characters.  
Track 3 (T3) An ISO-defined track on the magnetic stripe that has high-density may only contain alphanumeric characters, that allows rewriting of certain data elements contained in the track.  
Transaction A business or payment event for the exchange of value for goods or services.  
Transaction acquirer Institution that collects the data relating to a financial transaction from the card acceptor for settlement purposes. ISO
Transaction Certification Process providing cryptographic proof of the origin and integrity of transaction data which can be verified by a third party. ISO
Transaction Certification Code Result of the transformation certification process producing an electronic signature, which could be either a MAC (based on a symmetrical algorithm) or a digital signature (based on an asymmetric algorithm). ISO
Transistor A discrete electronic component whose use preceded chip-based devices.