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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

UPOS Unattended point of sale  
u-commerce Universal commerce - A payment method for all forms of payment technology, including Internet, mobile and other emerging technologies.  
Universal Prepayment Card See multiple application card  
Up-Line Loading Loading of data from a card acceptor's terminal to an acquirer's terminal to an acquirer's computer system via an intermediate network facility (e.g. To transmit reconciliation data)  
UPC - Universal Product Code A bar code used for product identification. The code is sensed by laser/optical scanners (UPC).  
User The person presenting a card to an Acceptor for a transaction, where the user may not be the cardholder. Note: This definition does not apply to users of access cards.  
UV Printing Printing with ink that is visible only under ultra-violet light as an anti-counterfeiting measure.