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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

Video Banking Generic term for on-line computerized retail banking. It includes home banking, small business on-line-banking and other retail banking conducted remotely from computers or terminals in offices, hotel rooms, pay phones and elsewhere.  
Videotex A remote television service operating with a telephone line-distributed bit stream that is converted to a graphic display frame(s) at the TV set. Remote input is communicated through the telephone line.  
Visa Cash A chip-based credit card, introduced by Visa, used for small purchases and Internet purchases. Disposable and reloadable Visa Cash cards are available. Disposable cards are loaded with pre-determined value; once the value is used, the card is disposed of. A reloadable card comes without a pre-determined value; the cash value can be loaded on to the card at specialized terminals and ATM machines.  
Volatile Memory Computer memory that loses its contents when eternal power is removed.  
Voucher Any piece of paper that is used to carry a payment message. e.g., checks, credit transfers and credit card vouchers.