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Advanced Card Technology - Glossary of Terms

WAP Wireless Application Protocol  
WORM Write Once Read Many  
Watermark Plastics The creation of images that can be seen visually in a plastic card with the objective of providing additional security in identifying the card relative to its user.  
Weigand Effect A combination of magnetic wires imbedded in a card to make a binary machine-readable code.  
Wireless Application Protocol The de facto worldwide standard for providing Internet communications and advanced telephony services on digital mobile phones, pagers, digital assistants and other wireless terminals. WAP is designed to provide users of mobile terminals with rapid and efficient access to the Internet.  
Work Station A combination of input and output devices intended to provide transaction implementation.  
Write-Once A storage medium in which data cannot be altered or erased once it has been written.  
Write-Once Read Many A write-once storage medium that can be read many times.