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New Help for Canadian Retailers

Toronto – Catherine Johnston, President & CEO of ACT Canada, today offered help to Canadian retailers converting to EMV (Europay, MasterCard, Visa) payment. Noting that the move will help cut fraud and other crime in Canada, she acknowledged that the diversity of retail operations in Canada precludes a "one size fits all" strategy. "A retailer's ability to not only get information, but also to ask questions and get timely answers, will ultimately pay off in benefits to consumers, merchants and society in general", said Johnston at a meeting of 60 key stakeholders in Toronto yesterday.

EMV means that most credit cards and all Interac debit cards in Canada, will get a boost in security as computer chips are added to provide counterfeit and tamper resistance, as well as to support innovative products and services.

Today, ACT Canada publicly announced a new way for retailers, media, consumers and the industry to source general and specific information, with the launch of www.emvcanada.com. In addition to information and links for these groups, merchants have a forum where they can post questions. As of the launch, there are already 44 questions that have been asked and answered by ACT Canada members. They are categorized by business concerns, customer transactions, cashier and staff education, what happens when..., hardware related, card-not-present and general issues.

Johnston pointed out that, "Being able to get answers to specific questions is a most valuable asset for merchants. Because ACT Canada members have worked with EMV in other implementations, they have those answers. A link within the forum allows merchants to submit questions and this can be done anonymously. Our members are identified when providing answers so that readers can follow up with them if they wish more information about the answer or the company."

For media reporting on this move, the site provides information and links.

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