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New Privacy Design Tools Launched

Toronto – Catherine Johnston, President & CEO of the Advanced Card Technology Association of Canada, (ACT CANADA) announces that the association is releasing new privacy design tools in response to governments and other issuers who choose to use contactless or RFID card technologies.

"There is no question that Canadians want the convenience and transaction speed that is available when contactless technology is used, but we also want to insure that private information is protected," said Johnston. Recently there has been debate about the proposed use of long range RFID technology (a form of contactless technology normally used for the movement of goods) for a US/Canada cross border ID. This tool will allow both governments to determine the privacy protection levels for that application.

"With database breaches becoming commonplace and identity fraud increasing, Canadians are vulnerable. Corporations, as well as governments, should use these procedures to ensure they protect us from criminals and themselves from lawsuits, such as the one now facing TJX", concludes Johnston.

The strength of the PIA procedure is that it provides an easy way for designers to assess privacy issues and identify, design and implement appropriate solutions to achieve reliable levels of privacy in an organization's smart card applications, as well as in databases, paper forms and reports, and on remote devices. Johnston added, "Organizations can now produce useful applications that are sensitive to all privacy concerns by incorporating privacy protection through every stage of development and implementation."

ACT Canada would also like to acknowledge and thank Dr. Ann Cavoukian, Information and Privacy Commissioner of Ontario (IPC) and her staff. This PIA would not be possible without the comments of the IPC and their assistance with the production of this publication.

ACT Canada and the IPC developed and co-published two earlier Privacy Impact Assessment Procedures. "Working together, we have sought ways to promote advanced card applications and technology that are privacy enabling", says Johnston. This publication is available on the ACT Canada website (www.actcda.com).

The Advanced Card Technology Association of Canada is a non-profit association that works closely with market representatives, industry leaders, and government regulators on a daily basis. ACT Canada's vision is a marketplace where all cards make use of Advanced Card Technologies (ACTs), providing new security, convenience, products and services for Canadians.

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