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Nick Norman

Nick Norman - EVP Sales, Consult Hyperion

Consult Hyperion

EVP, Sales


Nick is the EVP Sales Americas at Consult Hyperion. Nick has 19 years’ experience in the face to face and Card Not Present Payments sectors. He has helped Payment Brands, Financial Institutions, Transit Operators, Retailers, Processors and their suppliers to formulate their strategies towards card and mobile services, for both local and remote transactions. Recently he has focused on the remote identification and authentication of account holders, including solutions to support Secure Remote Commerce, 3DS and Secure Customer Authentication (SCA) in compliance with the European Union’s PSD2. These include remote document verification, sharing of digital identity attributes and the protection of PII in Open Banking and the gig economy. Grab him in the corridor or bar if you want to know more.


Nick is presenting in the Digital ID and Changes in the Canadian Market panel at 11:30am.

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