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Jon Worren

Jon Worren - Lead Executive, Venture and Corporate Programs

MaRS Discovery District

Lead Executive, Ventures and Corporate Programs


Jon E Worren is the Lead Executive for MaRS Venture & Corporate Programs. As such Jon leads a team that is responsible for the development and delivery of content, creating tools and resources that help both entrepreneurs and corporations to be more successful in their innovation endeavors. Jon is an experienced facilitator and delivers workshops for senior leadership teams on leading innovation practices to corporations and startups.

Jon is active angel investor, advisor and board member with promising startups.

Prior to joining MaRS, Jon spent 12 years as management consulting with advisory firm ClearSky Advisors as well as when working in Europe, US and Canada with Gartner Inc. Jon was part of two software startups in Europe in the financial services sector, one that had its IPO on the Oslo Stock Exchange in 2000.

Jon is also an instructor in Entrepreneurship at University of Toronto School of Continuing Studies and instructor in Systems Leadership with Studio Y. He holds a Master of Science in Media & Communication from London School of Economics and a Master of Science in Business and Economics from the Norwegian School of Management.


Jon is on the Innovation Process Panel at 10:10am 

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