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Ontario Liberal Leadership candidate suggests chip-based system could save $8-10 billion annually

-National association commends Murray for position on making government smarter-

(TORONTO – January 10, 2013) – Ontario Liberal Leadership Candidate Glen Murray MPP said Monday at a speech at the Toronto Board of Trade that investing in a chip-based system to provide government services could save the province anywhere from $8-10 billion annually.
Mr. Murray indicated that using new technology to deliver better service at a lower cost would create efficiencies and improve security and convenience for Ontarians.

ACT Canada, a non-profit association whose members drive payment evolution and digital identity, agrees with this position and commended Mr. Murray, offering to provide industry expertise to make smarter government a reality when the next Premier is sworn in.
"Glen Murray is showing leadership on the importance of the Ontario government improving the security and efficiency of the way it delivers services. This is a very important discussion to have," said Catherine Johnston, President & CEO of ACT Canada.

"The technologies are there, the expertise is there and the best-practices are well-established. All we need to enable Ontario to deliver more secure, efficient and convenient public services is the political will to do so and it looks as though we are making headway," said Ms. Johnston who has been in discussions with all three major Ontario parties on the issue.

ACT Canada is a non-profit association, federally-incorporated in 1989. As an educator, enabler, influencer and advocate for members, ACT Canada is the internationally-recognized authority, trusted knowledge resource and catalyst for change in payments and secure identity.


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