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Become an ACT Canada member to shape the payments and secure identity landscape. We are the only association in the world with the credibility to foster open dialogue in a trusted environment, through direct access to all stakeholder groups.

Our members' world is all about the evolution of payments and the ever increasing importance of digital identity. Since 1989, we have attracted new and established players from every corner of the global market: issuers, acquirers, payment networks, and those who support them with products and services. We bring people together to resolve targeted issues and identify opportunities.

In a world awash with information overload, we create clarity by connecting people, enabling dialogue and driving insights.

Retailers, Startups, SMEs and Government agencies receive special membership pricing.

Who has the information you need and how do you get it?

Insiders are adept at accessing information without wasting time.  While they may use all five of the following channels, they excel at using the fifth. ACT Canada supports members with access to information, market analysis and networking.

1. The Internet

As a source of information the good thing about the internet is how much information is available, and as the old joke goes – the bad thing about the internet is how much information is available. Who has the time to look at more than the top ten or twenty? Even then you have to determine whether each site reflects up to date or even accurate information.

2. Email and Social Media

These are great if you know who has the right answer to your question. Otherwise both these channels can be more opinion than fact based.

3. External Commissioned Research

This is a great option if you have sufficient funds, can wait for the answer(s) and have input into the questions and selection of people who will be interviewed.

4. Within Your Company: Institutional Memory

People change jobs, so don't expect that a company has retained knowledge, even though it once participated in a trial or roll out.

5. Stakeholder Dialogue

Talking with others who have a stake in payment has many benefits:

  • They share many of your same goals and challenges
  • Information will be in the context of your market
  • Ideas are shared and differing perspectives are offered when you are with a group. The words, "I hadn't thought of that" or "Now that you say that, it makes me think…" are indicators of value.
  • Insights can come from a conversation with a colleague or in a meeting. The more people gathered together to discuss a common interest, the greater the likelihood that you will gain insight. And when you open your world to new people who share your interests, you stand an even better chance of learning from them.
  • Creative, collaborative thought; the type that happens when someone hears something and responds verbally. You just can't do that in email.

Stakeholder dialogue can be the timeliest and most cost effective tool available to us.

Why work together?


There will be times when competitive interests will drive your agenda, but there are also when the market benefits from collaboration between stakeholders.  Working together helps to build and protect the market in which you compete. The secret is to find a neutral forum where all stakeholder groups can learn, share information and help others understand their own processes, needs and goals.  This is a business issue.  The dialogue must move beyond technology and look at product and market development, training, human resources, marketing and other strategic business elements.

ACT Canada has been that forum since 1989. It is committed to providing it for acquirers, issuers, merchants, payment networks, regulators, users, vendors and all parties with a vested interest in payment.  The association sustains members with all the knowledge and contacts we have built over our history.  We promise our neutrality to all stakeholders.  And we will support members with all the insights that come from our daily involvement in payment for almost three decades.

You can see the advantage of having other people give you useful information.  It can be most valuable when it is a part of a dynamic conversation between 2 or more people and less valuable when it is static. Brainstorming sessions are designed to take advantage of dynamic thoughts that come from human interaction.

ACT Canada members value opportunities to come together to:

  • Discuss ways to successfully meet their goals
  • Learn how to overcome obstacles
  • Develop relationships that can lead to future accomplishments

… and ACT Canada brings them together.

Join a unique stakeholder organization whose members are shaping the payments and secure identity landscape. As an ACT Canada member you get an opportunity to connect with other members who are looking for meaningful conversations on current issues facing our industry. Through dialogue, our members build knowledge and gain special insights to help their business grow.

Why Join?


3 great reasons to join ACT Canada

  1. The payment association where you will connect with all types of payment stakeholders
  2. Dialogue and insights are invaluable and actually influence the market direction
  3. ACT Canada insights help you reduce costs, minimize risks and expand your market.


Membership offers privileges you can't get anywhere else:

  • Your own market expert on retainer year round to answer any inquiry
  • Sound insights to help you increase revenues, lower costs and reduce risk
  • Savings on ACT Canada and industry events, conferences and publications
  • Access to global market research, industry contacts and data on best practices
  • An industry voice for you through our advocacy and stakeholder relations efforts


There's a Membership category that's right for you

Principal: Key market shapers with significant interests in digital payment, secure identity management and other advanced applications and technologies.

General: Active participant representing issuers, acquirers, suppliers and others with interests in digital payment, secure identity management and other advanced applications and technologies.

Please note that there is special pricing for available for the General Level Membership for the following organization types:

  • Small to Medium Canadian enterprises (wholly-owned enterprises with annual revenues under $25M)
  • Government entities
  • Retailers

Associate: Associate level is only available to 1 person consultancies or organizations that have an interest in digital payment, mobile, or digital ID but who do not supply or purchase the aforementioned products or services. Benefits are available to a single, named person.

What our Members have to say


"We are members of many associations, but the support we get from ACT Canada is exceptional. Their 29+ years in market and established market contacts make them a valuable resource for us. When I want to distinguish between market myths and fact, my first call is often to ACT Canada who usually already knows the answers to my questions or will connect me with the right industry experts who do."

Special member discounts for ACT Canada Forum (formerly Cardware)!

Read more about events and member pricing.

For more information about joining ACT Canada; please contact Madeleine Hind at + 1 (905) 426-6360 x 117 or

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