Payment Stakeholder SLT

ACT Canada’s Payment Strategic Leadership Team is a forum for members to tackle any topic of interest along with other members. These monthly think tank sessions allow members to examine key trends in our industry and develop strategies for moving forward.

Payment Disruptors

Who is really disrupting payments?

Payments disruption has been an ongoing theme for several years now. Rather than eliminating the legacy players, the disruptors of previous years are now industry partners. In order to determine where we are going, we need to first look at where we've been, how the disruption has played out, and what lessons can be applied to future disruptors.

Conveniently, our monthly meetings give you the platform to do just that. The upcoming session of our Payment Strategic Leadership Team looks at disruptors in the industry and what it means for you. Join a team of payment stakeholders on in Toronto to discuss the nitty gritty of payment disruption. This gives you the opportunity to:

  • hear what other are thinking
  • gain a new perspective
  • share knowledge with others
  • network with other stakeholders while contributing to a published report


If you're a member, it's free!

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